Waxing is a great alternative to epilators, shaving creams or razor. This technique is suitable for all ages, although it is recommended to start full body wax treatments at a younger age, when the hair is softer and less painful to remove.

Full body wax has become a common practice in recent years – removing hair from the entire body, from the legs to the earlobes.

Waxing is a better hair removal option because it removes hair from the root. When you shave, you cut only the visible part of the hair, so after a few hours you can see how it starts to grow again. Waxing is therefore longer and after a while the hair thins and becomes thinner, softer and easier to maintain.

If you are preparing for this for the first time, there are a few things you should know.

History of full body wax

One of the oldest methods of hair removal is waxing. Since ancient times, women in North Africa have used wax, which they prepared themselves for home use.

Most often, it was a ball that is obtained when we melt sugar, that is, caramel that would then stick together, or more precisely, roll on the body in order to pull out and break hairs.

In Ireland, and Europe in general, it was common to use wax whose shape is thicker, which is first heated to later turn into a liquid state, and then applied to the skin with a wooden stick.

If you use this properly, this method will give good results, soft and silky smooth skin for up to a month after waxing.

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How does the full body wax work?

To achieve long-lasting results, waxing is extremely popular – and this is the science behind it.

The moment the wax reaches a certain temperature, it adheres to the skin and enters the follicles and pulls the entire hair out of its roots. Because of that the hair needs much more time to grow, precisely because the hair is removed from the roots, which is not the case with razor shaving when the hair is just cut and we can quickly see how that hair grows back.

After full body wax, the hair will grow only after three to six weeks.

Does the full body wax hurt?

When waxing, it is important to know that it is applied to the skin and covered with strips of fabric. The moment the wax becomes hardened, the said strips are pulled in the opposite direction with respect to the hair growth. After the removal process, it is recommended to apply a lotion on the skin that will soothe redness and irritation on the skin.

Does it hurt? Short answer is yes.

But it can also depend on the sensitivity of your skin, your pain threshold and thickness of the hair. However, there are several ways to at least alleviate the pain:

1. Choose a professional

It is recommended that you choose a professional for these things. It probably seems to you sometimes that this is not special knowledge and that you do not need someone else’s help, however, it is recommended that you still visit professionals since they know how to wax you with as little pain and tears as possible. Professionals know how to help you pull your hair out painlessly, quickly, and in that case not damage your skin.

2. Try to time your waxing appointments

If you ask us when is the best time for waxing, then our advice is to do it three days after the menstrual cycle. Of course, not all women are the same, so it is recommended that you test your body sometime to find out what is the best period when you should wax.

3. Be well hydrated

One of the most important things when it comes to waxing is hydration, namely, it can sometimes be crucial when we want to reduce pain. Once the skin is well hydrated and the hair itself is much easier and painless to pluck, we advise you to drink plenty of water before waxing.

4. Don’t drink alcohol before full body wax

If the advice is to drink water, then we are absolutely not advised to drink alcohol before waxing. Namely, on various forums you can read that alcohol will relax you and help your skin before waxing. That is completely wrong! Namely, alcohol closes the pores, and closed pores will hurt much more during depilation than open ones.

Which body areas can I wax?

All of them.

Many beauticians and experts say that hot waxing is the most effective method for hair removal. After the depilation procedure, hair will not appear for a long time and the skin will be smooth. However, these two areas can be more sensitive in comparison to arms and legs.

Waxing: Bikini area

Bikini waxing treatment is not the most favorite for many, because it can be painful, but with the proven advice of experts, removing hair from intimate areas on the body does not have to be an unpleasant experience.

It is completely normal and natural for women to want to be attractive and attractive, and feel safe in any situation, especially when it comes to sunbathing on the beach or in swimming pools where you are exposed to other people with minimal clothing. That is why the depilation of the bikini zone, the so-called Brazilian hair removal, is a great treatment that will make you feel safe and look attractive, no matter how much clothing you wear.

The Brazilian depilation procedure is performed when we want to remove hair in intimate areas and is done with hot wax, after which you will have smooth skin in the specified area with a phenomenal feeling of comfort and cleanliness.

Waxing: Face

Almost every modern woman today pays a lot of attention to waxing, as one of the main activities when it comes to caring for the appearance and beauty of the body. But apart from the legs, armpits, and bikini area, one of the most important parts of the body for waxing and for a beautiful look, is the face. Before applying makeup, one of the basic steps is plucking your eyebrows as well as waxing your mustache.

What is important is that waxing is done before cosmetic treatment because it can cause a little redness. The depilation process can be painful if it is not done regularly or if you are undergoing treatment for the first time. The face should be waxed every three or four weeks, because that is the period needed for the hair to grow enough.

There are almost no side effects or side effects, and besides, the procedure itself is not expensive.

How to care for the skin after full body wax?

After removing any hair or waxing from our body, the skin is in a state of stress, so we must take care of how the skin returns to its normal state.

After waxing, it is recommended to buy oil-based wipes (argan oil, coconut oil), as well as treat the skin with aloe vera-based preparations, thus the wax is easier to remove from the skin and the skin becomes soft and smooth.

If we have properly cared for the skin after waxing, and still have pimples and redness does not pass from the skin, and if there are other side effects, it is recommended to contact a beautician or dermatologist who will give you the right advice.

Namely, such side effects may be due to the wrong depilation procedure. That’s why it is so important to find the right place for your wax appointments.

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