Getting a wax is an extremely personal experience. Having a stranger wax your body bikini area can be quite intimidating, especially if it’s your first time getting a wax in Cork (or anywhere else).

Remember, top body waxing professionals go out of their way to make the waxing experience comfortable for you.

If you are looking for the best waxing place in the city of Cork, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Cleanliness

  2. Staff expertise

  3. Previous client’s reviews

Here, you can check out our thorough guide on what to expect during a salon visit.

Full Body Wax Cork

The biggest advantage of removing unwanted hair with wax is that the more times you practice this method, the less hair there is. Over time, hair becomes thinner and their number decreases.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? This is the biggest reason why many people use this method of depilation.

Also, due to its way of changing in a liquid state, warm wax adheres very well to the hair and is an irreplaceable option when it comes to hair with a stronger root. Most of the wax salons in Cork still consider waxing to be the most popular in their offer and they are always happy to point it out.

Warm wax is most ideal for removing armpit and bikini line hair, but due to its convenience, it is most often used on the whole legs, and many practice this depilation on the face, intimate zone as well as for Brazilian hair removal. Men also most often opt for this method of depilation, to remove hair from the back, but also from other areas.

Facial Wax Cork

Almost every modern woman today pays a lot of attention to waxing, as one of the main activities when it comes to caring for the appearance and beauty of the body.

But apart from the legs, armpits, and bikini area, one of the most important parts of the body for waxing and for a beautiful look, is the face. Before applying makeup, one of the basic steps is plucking the eyebrows as well as ear waxing.

When waxing the face, warm wax is usually used, because it is much more effective, especially on small areas such as the earlobe, cheeks and chin, and there is also the possibility of waxing the lower part of the eyebrows.

Facial wax: important tips

What is important is that waxing is done before cosmetic treatment because it can cause redness. The depilation process can be painful if it is not done regularly or if you are undergoing treatment for the first time. The face should be waxed every three or four weeks, because that is the period needed for the hair to grow enough.

It doesn’t matter if the depilation is done on women or men, the complete procedure is very similar. Hair is removed with the help of cosmetic wax and this technique has proven to be very successful. In addition, it is extremely well known and long-lasting, and there are almost no side effects or side effects, and besides, the procedure itself is not expensive.

Although waxing the face does not cause any unpleasant effects, the advice of our professionals at Jeff Devine salon in Cork is to prepare the dermis for stress.

Eyebrow Wax Cork

This is a quick treatment that gives great results.

Many clients after several such treatments notice a difference in the appearance of their eyebrow hairs claiming that they are much softer and tidier.

This is a great option if you have strong hair and very thick eyebrows because you can make the standard process easier and faster. This is because the wax pulls everything out of the area where you applied the product so nothing will be left out.

How is eyebrow waxing done?

Eyebrow waxing is done by placing a small strip of paper with wax on the area that goes along the skin, pressing it and removing it very quickly. That way, if it is placed correctly and if a fast enough hand movement is done, it will pull the hairs of your eyebrows.

How to prepare for the treatment of eyebrow depilation?

The skin is extremely sensitive and needs adequate care at all times. Before waxing, it is important that you have excellent hygiene. The same applies to the period after treatment. A well-cleansed face is a key link to avoid unnecessary pimples on your face.

Avoid AHA acids before this treatment as it can make your skin more sensitive and suitable for skin barrier damage.

Skip the use of makeup as the treated area can have consequences in the form of pimples that you certainly do not want.

Also, make sure that you are not exposed to the sun, at least immediately before the treatment, because UV rays can make your skin more sensitive and susceptible to negative consequences.

If you have a menstrual cycle during the period in which you have scheduled treatment, postpone your appointment if possible. The reason for this is hormonal changes that can increase sensitivity and lead to the treatment itself being much more painful and you may find it harder to tolerate.

Why is waxing good for body hair maintenance?

If it’s done professionally, it will take longer for your hair to grow back. The reason is that by depilation, the hair is pulled out of the roots, and not only partially, as would be the case with tweezers, for example.

This actually means that your smooth skin will last longer and you will have easier time maintaining it for a longer period of time. Despite everything, you will not have to think about the next treatment for a long time.

Also, hairs grow softer. Depilation stimulates the growth of much softer and thinner strands with less density. For people who have strong hair that grows very fast, this could be a real relief in that case.

However, warm wax requires professional handling, professional staff and experience. You can afford such treatment only in beauty salons, spa centers, aesthetic polyclinics and similar places.

To avoid the depilation of an area turning into an all-day painstaking action, it is best to schedule a professional depilation with our Jeff Devine wax team in Cork.

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