When it comes to highlights, the options these days seem to be endless and sometimes the choice can even seem overwhelming.

If you have been researching options to freshen up your look with some highlights, then you have probably come across the option of using meche.

But what exactly is meche? And what looks can be achieved with it?

What is meche?

Meche is a hair colouring process that uses pre-made plastic wraps instead of foil. The plastic strips made of latex hold the colour inside of them and have water-soluble adhesive seals.

It’s not really a type of highlight, but more a choice of tools for the stylist. This means that they provide the same flexibility when it comes to adjusting the number and placement of highlights as traditional foils, but they do offer more benefits.

What are the benefits of using meche for highlights?

One of the main benefits of using meche is that it helps to create a more natural-looking finish. This is because the plastic strips are thinner than foils, which means that they can be placed closer to the root area.

This results in a softer and more blended transition between your natural hair colour and the highlights, which is perfect if you are looking for a more natural look.

Another major benefit of meche it that the plastic is see-through, so your stylist can check on your hair and monitor how it’s lifting without having to unwrap it, and that in turn prevents leaking.

Meche can also be more gentle as the seals prevent the bleach from leaking onto your scalp, so it’s ideal if you have sensitive skin.

Can you use meche at home?

If you are considering using meche at home, it’s important to remember that this is a complicated hair colouring process that should only be attempted by experienced professionals.

While it is possible to buy meche strips online, we would always recommend that you visit a salon to have them applied by a trained stylist.

If you are interested in trying out highlights with meche, then why not book a consultation at your local salon? They will be able to discuss your options with you and help you to find the perfect look to suit your individual style.

Full head of Meche

Meche can be used to add just a few subtle highlights or go for a full head of highlights for a high-impact look. If you want to add some serious wow-factor to your look, then a full head of highlights is the way to go.

Who is this look for

On lighter hair shades, a full head of highlights is a great way to freshen up the color, as natural blonde tones tend to get darker over time.

If your hair is naturally dark, then you can either get highlights that are a couple of shades lighter, just to give your hair more life or choose to go for a complete color transformation.

Going blonde using highlights is a much gentler method than having to bleach all of your hair. However, if you are considering going lighter, then we would recommend visiting a salon for a consultation first.

The outcome will depend a lot on your hair’s condition and history, so going in for a consultation or even having a stylist do a test strand on your hair to see how it would lift will give you a much more realistic image of the look that can actually be achieved.

How long will it take:

A full head of highlights can take anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on the thickness of your hair and the number of highlights you are having.

The meche itself will not play a role here. Sectioning hair and placing the highlights is a time-consuming process, and the bleach will also need time to do its magic.

How long will it last:

That again will not be influenced by the meche itself, but rather the look you are going for.

If you choose more subtle highlights and a more natural look, then you could be going up to 8 weeks in-between appointments.

If you want a high-impact look with much lighter highlights, then you will probably need to go back every 4-6 weeks to maintain the look.

How to maintain it:

Maintaining highlighted hair always comes down to nourishing it. Bleach is quite aggressive on the hair, so no matter what technique is used, highlights will leave your hair dryer than it was.

Make sure to use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and also use a hair mask once a week. A leave-in treatment is also a good investment, especially if it also offers heat protection like the Kevin Murphy Leave-In Repair Treatment.

Regular trims are also important, as this will get rid of any split ends that might have been caused by the bleaching process.

As always, listen to your hair, and if it feels dry or damaged, then make sure to give it some extra love.


If you are thinking about getting a full head of highlights, then you might want to opt for a salon that uses meche instead of foils.

Meche is not only gentler on your scalp, but will also give your stylist much more control of the outcome, so you can rest assured that you’ll leave the salon with the mane of your dreams.